(as used in expressions)
William Alexander Abbott
George William Russell
Amis, Sir Kingsley (William)
Ashton, Sir Frederick (William Mallandaine)
Barkley, Alben W(illiam)
William Allen Basie
Bentinck, William (Henry Cavendish), Lord
Benton, William (Burnett)
William Berkeley Enos
Beveridge (de Tuggal), William Henry, 1 barón
William H. Bonney, Jr.
Bliss, William D(wight) P(orter)
Bok, Edward (William)
Borah, William E(dgar)
Borden, Sir Frederick (William)
Bouguereau, William (Adolphe)
William Warren Bradley
Bragg, Sir William (Henry)
Brennan, William J(oseph), Jr.
Bricker, John W(illiam)
Paul William Bryant
Buckley, William F(rank), Jr.
Bulwer, Sir (William) Henry Lytton (Earle)
Burroughs, William S(eward)
Cadogan, William, 1 conde
John William Carson
Cecil, William, 1 barón de Burghley
Clarendon, George William Frederick Villiers, 4 conde de
Clemens, (William) Roger
William Jefferson Blythe IV
Cody, William F(rederick)
Collins, (William) Wilkie
Coltrane, John (William)
Charles William Gordon
Coolidge, William D(avid)
Corman, Roger (William)
William Henry Cosby, Jr.
Crawford, William H(arris)
William D'Avenant
Davies, (William) Robertson
Deming, W(illiam) Edwards
William Harrison Dempsey
William James Dixon
Dodge, William E(arl)
Douglas, William O(rville)
Du Bois, W(illiam) E(dward) B(urghardt)
Durant, Will(iam James) y Ariel
Durant, William C(rapo)
Eccles, W(illiam) H(enry)
William Clarence Eckstein
William Blake McEdwards
Elgar, Sir Edward (William)
Estes, William K(aye)
William John Evans
Ewing, (William) Maurice
Faulkner, William (Cuthbert)
William Cuthbert Falkner
Robert William Andrew Feller
William Claude Dukenfield
Foster, William Z(ebulon)
Fowler, William A(lfred)
William Orville Frizzell
Fulbright, J(ames) William
Gable, (William) Clark
Gaddis, William (Thomas)
William Henry Gates III
Gibson, William (Ford)
Gilbert, Sir W(illiam) S(chwenck)
Giuliani, Rudolph W(illiam)
Glackens, William (James)
Gladstone, William E(wart)
Golding, Sir William (Gerald)
Goodpasture, E(rnest) W(illiam)
Gorgas, William (Crawford)
Grace, W(illiam) G(ilbert)
William Franklin Graham, Jr.
Gunn, Thom(son William)
Guthrie, Sir (William) Tyrone
William John Clifton
Haley, Sir William (John)
Halsey, William F(rederick), Jr.
Halsted, William S(tewart)
Handy, W(illiam) C(hristopher)
Hanna, William (Denby) y Barbera, Joseph (Roland)
Hardee, William J(oseph)
Harnett, William (Michael)
Harriman, W(illiam) Averell
William John Hartack
Hawking, Stephen W(illiam)
Haywood, William D(udley)
Heisman, John (William)
William Benjamin Hogan
William Frederick Hoppe
Inge, William (Motter)
Christopher William Bradshaw
Johnson, Sir William, 1 baronet
William Tass Jones
William Henry Pratt
Keen, William (Williams)
Kelvin (of Largs), William Thomson, barón

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